Premier Security Solutions will sit down with your administration and develop a custom security plan around your needs.  We take your input and add our experience in school campus security to come up with the best possible solutions to fit your students, your building, and your school environment.   All of this is done as a team effort, together keeping kids safe.

Campus Exterior

Building Access

Student Parking

While your staff is busy educating your students, who is monitoring your grounds and exterior of the building? 
We will assist at whatever level you see necessary to ensure that access to your building is secure at all times during the school day.
Let our law enforcement trained traffic experts assist in keeping your student parking areas safe.  We can assist with designing safe and efficient traffic patterns for before, during, and after school.

After School Security

Special Events

Vacant Buildings

Athletic practices, theater rehearsal, student meetings--they all add up to vehicles and pedestrians in your parking lots, on your campus.  Premier Security can be on scene to ensure it is being done safely.
We have the team members ready to go to cover your large events.  Monitoring parking, traffic flow, or any other area related to large events.  We assist in planning and give input afterwards to make the next event go even better.
Winter break, summer vacation, or any other long or short term vacant building needs.  We can put a dedicated team member on site to ensure your hard assets are safe and fully functional when you return to school.

Staff Training

Custom Security

Student Interaction

Let our team of experts train your staff in all aspects of school related security and safety.  You choose how often you want briefings on your safety guidelines and we present them with expereince and detailed instruction.
Premier Security is not a cookie cutter security company.  We want to sit down with your administration to design a custom security plan that works for your students, staff, and anyone that visits your campus.
The Premier Team has been hand picked, after years of law enforcement experience, to be able to function and handle all interaction with professionalism and the knowledge that the students' safety always comes first.